It’s kind of a weird feeling …

I love to write. I could write all day. I have never blogged before so this new form of manifestation is quite foreign to me. Written expression is undeniably one of the most productive and gratifying ways to illustrate my thoughts and define myself, and self-reflection on the smallest of details of my day to the 34 years of my life on this planet is equally important to the maintenance of ones mental health and well-being.

But it’s kind of a weird feeling when my role is to blog for a company … as opposed to blogging for myself. It is informal and effortless to stroke the keys of the keyboard as the words flow freely and smoothly when composing for ones own personal desires. And yet here I am … delving into the world of blogging with uncomfortable and unsteady fingers, anxiously forming the over-thinking words of my conundrum; that WEIRD FEELING of writing for someone else.

I understand that I will only learn, progress and move forward by putting myself out there, as representation of my company, and by making the mistakes. Silly posts of thoughts that never quite come together in the right way and, more than likely,done so on the forum of an underdeveloped wordpress site which I have personally created. Yikes.

It’s kind of a weird feeling. Scary. Putting oneself out there KNOWING mistakes must and WILL be made. But here it goes …


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