It’s a bird, it’s a plane … No, IT’S FABIO!

The Flying Chef is our freshest member of the crew, here at Hang Glide USA, recently joining our team to Pilot Trike adventurers over the vast regions and sunny skies of Amelia Island.  He is the Dreamweaver of Fernandina Beach’s sunny blues, featuring a flawless partnership of passion and skills on the wing.  With his distinguished long, dark, locks he is the Fabio of flight, a romance novelty in air travel, and the captive of hearts in the skies of Amelia Island.

            Chef has been airborne for nearly 10 years, specifically building hours of flight in Fixed-Wing, single-engine aircrafts, both high and low wing.  He is at home with Cessna, Pipers, Diamonds, and the Ultralight Trikes we operate with at Hang Glide USA.

            Flying Chef’s interest was sparked as a child when he boarded his very first airplane; leaving his home in Puerto Rico for a life on the great American soil of Florida!  He followed his dream to Florida State College by way of academic scholarships, and left with a degree in Aviation Management and member of, the exclusive, National Honors Society (Phi Theta Kappa).

            The Flying Chef has an extensive background in aviation (and the kitchen), and sports this wealth of knowledge in fun, charismatic excursions of the sky.

The Woman Behind the Scenes

Born with it, one might say, as if aerial aspirations are just in my blood.  My name is Chelsea and I am the woman behind the scenes at Hang Glide USA.  As a Texas native, I thrived in soccer in my formative years and managed to wrangle a full scholarship at the University of Louisiana-Monroe.  Upon graduation, I quickly found myself emerged in education and spent the next ten years as a high school teacher and coach.  What does this have to do with aviation … absolutely nothing. But irony is a funny thing.

The stars were aligned that fateful day when I stumbled upon the opportunity to manage operations for Hang Glide USA.  Breaking from my corporate/educational comfort zone, I decided to thrust myself into a world of uncertainty and into the laps of aeronautical awesomeness!

Having no known background in aviation nor connection with anything akin to, I quickly jumped on board and ripened into the secondary status of a thrill-seeking aeronautics knowable. (I just coined that phrase, rather than calling myself a secretary).  I now oversee the marketing, social media, and website for Hang Glide USA, and of course, am the woman on the other end of the phone lines.

The great circle of life has finally made its full loop.  Two days ago, I stumbled upon this picture of me, taken in 1984, in the seat of my uncle’s home-built ultralight. I now feel as though I am right where I am supposed to be.

Aircraft Awareness to channel your inner Aeronautical Awesomeness

2-men-and-the-open-seaAn ultralight trike is a type of powered hang glider where flight control is by weight-shift. These aircraft have a fabric flex-wing from which is suspended a tricycle fuselage pod driven by a push…

Source: Aircraft Awareness to channel your inner Aeronautical Awesomeness


Today is the first day of the rest of your life …

The day you will steel yourself, throw caution to the wind. And take the bull by the horns. Or throat punch him.   

POWERED HANG GLIDING … mostly so I have a nice distinction on Facebook that adds value to my awesome, made-up life on social media. Thank you internet.

#doit 877-WeDoFly. 

MAG REPORT: Pillar of the community 

It’s that time of year again (I find Monday cliché posting titillating), that annual, “this year’s going to be a far cry from my 34 previous years of civil disobedience. I’m going to call mom more. And if I have to push a small animal (or an unsteady adult close to my weight class) in front of a moving vehicle so that I can save a life and win the fire-eating status I’ve decided that I deserve … then hoagie sandwich it is!

Also … I’m going to induce adventure in others; schlepping  strangers home to fly the dynamite hang glider of the sky … at Hang Glide USA- Amelia Island. 

877-WeDoFly  (877) 933-6359