It’s a bird, it’s a plane … No, IT’S FABIO!

The Flying Chef is our freshest member of the crew, here at Hang Glide USA, recently joining our team to Pilot Trike adventurers over the vast regions and sunny skies of Amelia Island.  He is the Dreamweaver of Fernandina Beach’s sunny blues, featuring a flawless partnership of passion and skills on the wing.  With his distinguished long, dark, locks he is the Fabio of flight, a romance novelty in air travel, and the captive of hearts in the skies of Amelia Island.

            Chef has been airborne for nearly 10 years, specifically building hours of flight in Fixed-Wing, single-engine aircrafts, both high and low wing.  He is at home with Cessna, Pipers, Diamonds, and the Ultralight Trikes we operate with at Hang Glide USA.

            Flying Chef’s interest was sparked as a child when he boarded his very first airplane; leaving his home in Puerto Rico for a life on the great American soil of Florida!  He followed his dream to Florida State College by way of academic scholarships, and left with a degree in Aviation Management and member of, the exclusive, National Honors Society (Phi Theta Kappa).

            The Flying Chef has an extensive background in aviation (and the kitchen), and sports this wealth of knowledge in fun, charismatic excursions of the sky.


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