The Woman Behind the Scenes

Born with it, one might say, as if aerial aspirations are just in my blood.  My name is Chelsea and I am the woman behind the scenes at Hang Glide USA.  As a Texas native, I thrived in soccer in my formative years and managed to wrangle a full scholarship at the University of Louisiana-Monroe.  Upon graduation, I quickly found myself emerged in education and spent the next ten years as a high school teacher and coach.  What does this have to do with aviation … absolutely nothing. But irony is a funny thing.

The stars were aligned that fateful day when I stumbled upon the opportunity to manage operations for Hang Glide USA.  Breaking from my corporate/educational comfort zone, I decided to thrust myself into a world of uncertainty and into the laps of aeronautical awesomeness!

Having no known background in aviation nor connection with anything akin to, I quickly jumped on board and ripened into the secondary status of a thrill-seeking aeronautics knowable. (I just coined that phrase, rather than calling myself a secretary).  I now oversee the marketing, social media, and website for Hang Glide USA, and of course, am the woman on the other end of the phone lines.

The great circle of life has finally made its full loop.  Two days ago, I stumbled upon this picture of me, taken in 1984, in the seat of my uncle’s home-built ultralight. I now feel as though I am right where I am supposed to be.


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