MEET THE PILOT: Papa Whiskey … The man, the myth, the legend.

A licensed commercial pilot and certified instructor, Papa Whiskey is the senior pilot for Hang Glide USA. He has been flying for over thirty years, specializing and concentrating on sport-flying with powered hang gliders for six years. Amidst the many of his successful outdoor-adventure endeavors, Papa Whiskey has launched Hang Glide USA to rank amidst the top things to do on Fernandina Beach!

The impressiveness and distinction of Papa Whiskey’s aerial escapades hail from the comedic delivery of his witty antics and wealth of knowledge of the island. Reviews allude to his media magnet wherewithal as quirky and off-the-wall comedy, shared with a historical awareness and aeronautical ease, warrants the grooviest flight tour adventure you will ever brave!

Whether it’s a bikini run or to check out the real-estate, Papa Whiskey is an excellent guide in adventure-seeking and the chief of banter. Here at Hang Glide USA, we tender our travelers with introductory flight lessons; where all learner Flight students have a variety of options to choose from, starting with a basic preliminary flight lesson to the extended nature and deluxe tours where you can set eyes on some of the finest elements of Amelia Island, Cumberland Island, and Fernandina Beach from an airborne perspective. During these flights the pilot will you teach how to steer and show you some of our favorite landmarks on this remarkable island.

We invite you to rally up and schedule an aeronautical introduction with the famed, Papa Whiskey, and Hang Glide USA!



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